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Min 75 people in your area

    Vending Machines in Water Parks: A Solution to Your Daytime Dilemma

    Water Park Vending Machines

    Make a splash with VendingUS. We are offering a free machine if there are more than 75 people who frequent your water park.

    Give your customers access to the products they wish with VendingUS vending machines. Our machines can be customized according to the desires of your customers and visitors. By using the QR code on the machine, customers and employees can request certain items to be stocked. Upon using the QR code they will be gifted a coupon. VendingUS machines allow flexibility for the products you want to provide your customers and employees. Not only do our machines provide a wide array of food and drink items, but they can be tailored to stock items for sunscreen, swimming caps and goggles.

    VendingUS offers many different payment options which allows customers to purchase more expensive items by using credit/ debit card and smartphones rather than carrying cash around the park. Visitors will love the convenience.

    VendingUS vending machines operate on a web-based system which is online 24/7. If there is a technical issue or if an item is running low, we will get notified and will proceed to resolve the issue. This allows us to service the machine when required and they are rarely out of order.

    VendingUS is now offering Healthy Vending. From low-calorie food and beverages and organic products, your visitors and employees will love the many options available. Stay in shape with Healthy Vending.


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    Jarries Biggest fan *****

    These machines are amazing

    Carson Galovan *****

    Great vending machines!!!