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    VendingUS is providing free-of-charge, smart, responsive, and attractive vending machines if you have more than 75 people in your distribution centers, logistic warehouses, or trucking companies.

    Most vending machines stock standard or old products. VendingUS machines however are active meaning employees, guests or drivers can use their smartphones to request certain items be placed in the vending machine via the QR code on the front of the machines. Upon re-stock, their desired products will be included in the machines.  

    People lose a lot of money in standard vending machines. VendingUS vending machines have drop sensors in them. This means that if the coil doesn’t spin or a product gets held up in the coil the customer can get their money back or select a different product.

    All VendingUS machines are connected to a web-based system and are monitored 24/7. If stock is running low or if a machine requires a service or is experiencing a technical issue, we are immediately notified and can rectify the problem.

    VendingUS provide various payment methods. From cash to credit and debit cards as well as an online payment option with your smartphone, VendingUS caters to everyone’s preferred method of payment.

    VendingUS also provides Healthy Vending for your more health-conscious employees and visitors. Stocked with low-calorie, organic food and drink items, your staff and guests will appreciate the various options available.

    Visit our website at or give us a call.

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    Google and other Reviews

    Cooper *****

    Their easy-to-use interface and quick product vending make them my top choice for all my vending needs.

    Viviane lemieux *****

    I have to say that they are the best and most reliable vending service provider I have come across. Their easy to use interface and ability to vend multiple products in a few seconds makes them the perfect choice for anyone looking for a vending solution.