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    Vending Machines in Skate Parks: A Hopeful Solution to Childhood Obesity?

    Skate Park Vending Machines

    Keep the action going with VendingUS. These appealing, smart, responsive machines are ideal for your skate park. Get a free machine if there are more than 75 people who frequent your park.

    Skaters, visitors, and employees can quickly grab a snack or drink before carrying on with their activities or if they wish to take a break. Our machines can also be tailored to the preferences of your regular customers and employees. By using the QR code found on the front of the machines, requests for certain items can be made. They will love having access to their favourite items. Customers will also receive a coupon upon using the QR code.

    You won't have to worry about items running out. VendingUS machines are constantly monitored as they are run through a web-connect system and are online 24/7. If any of our machines experience any technical issues, requires a service or if a product is running low, we are notified immediately and able to respond. Keep the action going with VendingUS.

    For security purposes or convenience, customers may not want to carry cash around the skate park. Provide them with a cashless payment option for their vending experience. VendingUS machines accept cash and debit cards, an online payment system with your smartphone as well as cash.

    Give your skaters the energy boost they need with Healthy Vending. Stocked with low-calorie, organic food and beverages, health orientated customers will appreciate these options available to them.


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    Jarries Biggest fan *****

    These machines are amazing

    Carson Galovan *****

    Great vending machines!!!