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    Hotel Vending Machines: A Hopeful Solution For Short Stay Guests

    Short Stay Hotels Vending Machines

    VendingUS offers free, modern, attractive and responsive vending machines if you have more than 75 visitors, customers and employees who frequent your hotel.

    Give your guests and employees  the option of grabbing their favourite snack and beverage items at any time during the day or night with VendingUS. VendingUS machines can be customized to meet your guests and employee’s preferences. By using the QR on the front of the machine, orders can be placed for desired items and upon re-stock, these products will be included. Customers will receive a coupon when using the QR code.

    VendingUS machines rarely have empty shelves or are out of order meaning your customers and employees don’t need to head to the supermarket to get their favourite food and beverage items. Our machines are run through a web-connected system and are monitored online 24/7. If any of the machines are running low on stock, need a service or are experiencing a technical issue, we are notified immediately and will respond swiftly to rectify the problem.

    VendingUS offers multiple payment options including cash, credit and debit cards as well as an online payment option with your smartphone. Guests and employees will love the flexibility of the different payment methods available.

    VendingUS now offers Healthy Vending. Give your health-conscious guests and employees the option for healthy food and beverage items with Healthy Vending. Stocked with organic, low-calorie products, they will love the diverse options available to them.

    Keep your guests happy and satisfied with VendingUS.


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    Jarries Biggest fan *****

    These machines are amazing

    Carson Galovan *****

    Great vending machines!!!