Mission Statement

Vending US is a family owned and operated Florida State Certified Small business. We have rapidly established ourselves as one of the fastest growing independent vending machine operators in Orange in Florida Counties.

How have we achieved this? We believe our biggest asset is our customer. Nothing complicated, it’s that simple.

We provide both a seamless and excellent customer service. That includes reliability and a personalized customer experience that adds value and takes our customer beyond just a simple transactional relationship.

We pride ourselves on meaningful interactions with our customer and being a family run business means that we understand the importance of not only establishing mutually contented relationships but of also maintaining them!

We always offer ground-breaking new technology with new vending machines and with some of the most competitive product prices within the industry. Our customer can be assured that we are always ahead of our competitors. By staying ahead of our competitors and providing new technology this means that our customer can take advantage of this too.

Whilst we understand that company profit is the bench mark for business, we believe that our company’s policies are the true nature and reflection of the service that we provide.


 Joanna Laznicka

***** 10 reviews

Been a customer of VendingUS for quite some time now and I have got to say there vending machines are the best we have ever had, they're always filled with the freshest and best snacks and drinks and are always well stocked up. I would highly recommend them.

 Jarries Biggest fan

***** 1 review

These machines are amazing

Will The Thrill

***** 1 review

Insane vending machines!!!!!