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    Long Stay Motels Vending Machines

    Improve your guest’s experience with VendingUS. VendingUS offers state-of-the-art, smart, attractive, and responsive vending machines that comes free of charge if there are more than 75 people, staff and visitors, who frequent your Motel.

    VendingUS machines are rarely out of order allowing your staff to focus on what really matters, the guests. Several issues may come with using a standard vending machine in a long stay motel. They may look unattractive, be regularly out of order and low on stock and getting a machine serviced may take a long time. VendingUS machines don’t experience these issues. Our machines are run through a web-connected system and are monitored online 24/7 so if any machine runs out of an item, needs to be serviced or is experiencing a technical issue, we get notified immediately and can address the problem.

    Another issue with traditional vending machines is that they may have limited payment options available. VendingUS machines offer many different payment options, from cash, credit and debit cards as well as paying with your smartphone. Your customers, visitors and employees will appreciate the different options and ease of payment. Guests can also have the convenience of not needing to head to the supermarket to pick up their snack items. Our machines can be customized to stock certain items by using the QR code on the front of them, thus allowing your long stay visitors to request desired products upon re-stock. When a customer places a request for a product using the QR code they will be gifted with a coupon.

    VendingUS now offers healthy vending. Your health-conscious customers, employees and victors can choose low-calorie, organic food and beverage items.

    Use VendingUS for a convenient, hassle free and responsive service.


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    Jarries Biggest fan *****

    These machines are amazing

    Carson Galovan *****

    Great vending machines!!!