The Latest Payment Technology

No more hunting around for change as all our machines take Multiple Payment Options, such as, Cash, Cards, Apple pay, Google Pay, and now we are compatible with an app base payment called “Pay Range”




New Machines, No Cost To You

Whether you’re a small company or a large corporation, we always provide brand new FREE vending machines, stocked with the freshest products, this is why we are Riverside’s number #1 most  Reliable Vending Service.



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      Tuan Banh 

    ***** 1 review

    I work at a casino, we used to have terrible vending machines. They would take your money or food would get stuck all the time. One time we had all 6 machines down. Notice we got new vending machines from Vending US and they’re great. I’ve had no issues and the vendor Steve always comes to restock so fast with a great happy attitude. 5 stars! Keep up the great work.

    Ryan Moran

    ***** 3 reviews

    All my employees are so happy with the drinks and snacks that VendingUS stock in their machines. What is also great, is all their machines are brand new so they have all the latest payment options.

     Brody M. Goodsell

    ***** 1 review

    great service. very nice man!