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    Vending Machines on Military Installations: A Comprehensive Guide

    Military Installations Vending Machines

    Keep your vending machines operational with VendingUS. VendingUS offers state-of-the-art, smart, and responsive vending machines that come free of charge if there are more than 75 people in the military base/government building.

    Don’t let hunger get in the way of operations. VendingUS machines are rarely out of commission. Using a regular vending machine in a military base may present several problems. They might look unsightly, be frequently out of order or short on supplies, and difficult to service. VendingUS machines don't have these problems. We receive notification of any machine that is suffering a technical issue, needs maintenance, or if any stock is running low because all our machines are web-connected and online 24/7 and we take prompt action to resolve the issue. Your personnel will love the efficient access to their favourite food and beverage items.

    VendingUS vending machines have an array of payment methods. Visitors and personnel can make payment with cash, credit and debit cards, and through their smartphones, finding it simple and convenient.

    VendingUS machines can be personalised to the preferences of the personnel in the government building. Use the QR codes on the front of the machines to request desired products upon re-stock.

    VendingUS now offers Healthy Vending which includes low-calorie and organic food and beverages. Our vending machines are online 24/7 and are run on a web-based system. The machines rarely run out of stock or are out of order as we are notified whenever an issue occurs. Stay in shape with Healthy Vending.


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