GET a FREE smart vending machine


Min 75 people in your area

    GET a FREE smart vending machine


    Min 75 people in your area

      Automatic Vending Machines in Vina Del Mar Island, St. Petersburg

      Vina Del Mar Island, St. Petersburg

      VendingUS is providing their vending machines free of cost in your area if there are more than 75 people. These sophisticated smart machines run through a web-based system and are online 24/7.  Our company has installed the latest software to operate them.

      VendingUS is providing a seamless online system for orders and payments for the convenience of your customers. A QR code system is used to take orders for future requested products in front of the machines. These machines are responsive to the people's preferences.

      Payments can be made with cash, credit cards, or online with your smartphones. Whichever payment option your customers choose, they will find it convenient.

      In case of any problems with the machine, we can respond immediately as we are connected online, and we can take the proper actions in resolving the issue.

      Healthy drinks and snacks can be found in our machines. These may include low-calorie food and drinks.

      Vina Del Mar Island, St. Petersburg

      There are 16,321 residents on Vina Del Mar Island, with a median age of 59.6. Of this, 48.42% are males and 51.58% are females. US-born citizens make up 86.15% of the resident pool in Vina Del Mar Island, while non-US-born citizens account for 9.99%. Additionally, 3.86% of the population is represented by non-citizens.

      13,805 people in Vina Del Mar Island currently live in the same house as they did last year.


      Sea Critters Cafe

      The Wharf Restaurant

      Castile Restaurant

      Gennaro's St. Pete Beach

      The Dewey Beach Restaurant


      Google and other Reviews

      Ryan Moran *****

      All my employees are so happy with the drinks and snacks that VendingUS stock in their machines. What is also great, is all their machines are brand new so they have all the latest payment options.

      Carson Galovan *****

      Great vending machines!!!