Covid-19 Respons

COVID-19 has changed the world and our way of life literally overnight. And in these uncertain times it’s even more important to continue to provide goods and services for our communities. We are following recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) as we strive to help protect our customers.

As such, we have taken a variety of actions, including:

• Sharing resources on how to keep the workplace clean

• Encouraging good hygiene practices, including frequent hand washing

• Reinforcing education and hygiene with regular communications

• Sanitizing our delivery equipment with wipes regularly

• Encouraging employees to closely monitor their health and seek medical attention if they develop flu-like symptoms

• Delivery vehicles are cleaned and sanitized frequently

• Employees are encouraged to wear face masks where required


 Patrick Martin

***** 11 reviews

These folk have got the vending operation RIGHT  every time they refill they Clean the machines  so they always look good -  All the staff in the medical building  i work in say they like the bigger  selection  and that they can have requests even.

 Joanna Laznicka

***** 10 reviews

Been a customer of VendingUS for quite some time now and I have got to say their vending machines are the best we have ever had, they're always filled with the freshest and best snacks and drinks and are always well stocked up. I would highly recommend them.

  Tuan Banh 

***** 1 review

I work at a casino, we used to have terrible vending machines. They would take your money or food would get stuck all the time. One time we had all 6 machines down. Notice we got new vending machines from Vending US and they’re great. I’ve had no issues and the vendor Steve always comes to restock so fast with a great happy attitude. 5 stars! Keep up the great work.